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Grand Survival Escape

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Descriere Prisoner vs Guard Action: Grand Survival Escape

Are you sick of old prisoner escape adventure games? If yes then try this new prisoner vs guard action game. In this free action game you will need proper plan to break the hard jail. Show your expertise to break different bar codes and hack cameras. Fight with the jail security guards like a special agent. Kill the sleeping police dogs so they cannot chase you. Be a real survivor and escape one of the most deadly jail in the city. You are not a gangster or murderer, you are our real action hero. So be assured and break the rigid prison in this survival jail prisoner game.

You were a super spy and assigned to a mission. Your mission was to keep an eye on the life-threatening weapons of enemies. The assignment was going very well but somehow they managed to arrest you. They kept you in a very meticulous prison in the city. The police officer gives charge of your security to special guards. The police dogs are also walking around the prison building. They have placed cameras to keep an eye on you in this jail breakout simulator game. You are a special intelligence officer. You cannot live this prison life. So make a plan to escape the highly secured prison. It is very difficult to break the hard jail but you have skills use them. Be focused don’t make a sound otherwise they will get aware that you are not in your prison. Fight with the jail guards. They have deadly guns and harmful weapons. Kill the special guards like a real professional spy in this city prison break adventure game. They will shoot you if you get caught like a gangster prisoner.

In this amazing survival games use all your abilities to find the hidden bar codes and cameras. Hack the super computers and turnoff the alarms and security cameras. This is not a team work escape so you have to do all this alone. Don’t be scared you are a well-trained soldier. You did so many secret tasks in your spying career. Consider this one of them. Survive this escape prison mission for your daughter and for your country. The deadly weapons are threat to the life of the people in the world. Your task was to collect information about them like a real spy agent. The police officer may kill you in a fake encounter. So break the hard jail and bring the information back to your country. The friendly forces will take an action immediately to stop enemies from using the dreadful weapons. They will save the world. They kept hard core criminal and gangster in this dangerous prison. You are not a criminal or underground gangster. You are a real spy prisoner. Resist their attacks and kill them all in this prisoner room escape game.

The behavior of the police officer is not good with you. Kill him also during the escape. Use cover for hiding from the jail guards. Don’t touch anything the enemy is very intelligent. They can do anything to stop you. Because they know your fighting abilities. So break this notorious jail and run for your survival. Come back to your family and for your country. You are one of the best commando in our force. Don’t lose confidence you have all to qualities to break the weird jail. Your country needs you. You can do this real prison breaking adventure. Cross the boundary line in the police car and come back to your duty.

Play this game of the year and plan your escape from the infamous jail of the world. Prisoner vs guard action is the best game for tablet. It lies in the category of top ten games of the week. Solve the puzzle of escape from the bar of the jail and run for your freedom.

Game Features:
->Stunning 3D jail environment
->Bar codes and secret cameras
->Multiple escape missions
->Amazing control with special effects
->Highly addictive gameplay with 3D super quality graphics
->Real weapon firing and combat fighting action
->High quality sound effects of gun shooting

This action war game is totally free to play does not require Wi-Fi just install it and have the fun of real prison breaking simulator.

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